PS4 Firmware Update 5.00 Features Leaked

In anticipation of the beta for the PS4’s newest firmware update, 5.0, Eurogamer has obtained several release notes that detail some of the update’s new features.

Features include;

  • Twitch streaming at 1080p/60fps (Limited to PlayStation 4 Pro users)
  • Overhaul of the master/sub account system
  • The ability to follow users (similar to the Xbox One’s system)
  • Notifications added to the quick menu

The update also features several minor changes to VR streaming, language support and support for compilation discs.

Whilst the new update may seem bare in features, it is important to remember that Sony has had a history of leaving out new features prior to their beta releases, such as the PS4 Pro’s boost mode, which was never mentioned prior to its beta release.

Sony has yet to mention a timeframe for the release of update 5.0, but with the Beta upcoming, we may not have to wait that long.