We Happy Few is Getting a Retail Release

Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few has been in early access for over a year now but the eerie survival horror will finally be getting a full sized retail release on April 13, 2018.  While we don’t have any information about the Australian launch price, we will have a bargain guide available closer to launch and expect it to be priced as most feature retail titles are at RRP $99.95.

We Happy Few is a strange first-person experience that takes place in the fictional town of Wellington Wells, a retro-futuristic alternate version of 1960s England. The residents of the city are fuelled by a hallucinogenic drug, affectionately known as “joy” which allows them to suppress any and all memory of the horrific events of the war that took place and live life in a state of impenetrable happiness…at least until the pill wears off.

The protagonist, Arthur Hastings is a newspaper clerk who decides to stop taking his Joy and in doing so he starts to realise that things in Wellington Wells are not quite right. He ventures out into the town but exploration is not safe, he is constantly at risk of being discovered a “downer” by the local residents and subsequently attacked, captured or killed. If avoiding nasty encounters with your neighbours and local authorities isn’t enough to trouble you while exploring, questing and looting, Arthur also requires adequate water, food and sleep in order to live, adding a challenging but entertaining set of survival mechanics to gameplay.

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You can watch the announcement trailer below:

Australian retailers are yet to publish any details about the game’s local release but you can save 15% when you pre-order We Happy Few through the PSN store and get the exclusive in-game Jolly Brolly weapon at launch, as well as a We Happy Few PS4 dynamic theme made by Truant Pixel. You can also save 10% on the game’s Digitial Deluxe Edition which includes all of the above plus the game’s Season Pass which is yet to be detailed.