EB Games’ Swap ‘n’ Play Service Will Now Include ANY Preowned Game

UPDATE: EB Games have provided us with an official statement around the launch of their Swap ‘n’ Play service. They have confirmed that since the service has gone live, they have decided to drop the $50 and under preowned limit. Gamers can now trade and swap absolutely any game that is available (preowned).

They’ve also confirmed that customers need to sign up for two months (for $19.95) and can then continue on for $19.95 a month or cancel after that two month period.

Unfortunately at this point, EB Games have confirmed that it is only available to South Australia, but that they’re happy with the initial response from the community.

Listen to Shannon, Jake and Matt talk about the EB Games Swap ‘n’ Play Service among many others things on episode 112 of The Start Cast.


An EB Games Spokesperson provided us with the below statement: 

 “Swap ‘n’ Play is a new service we’re trialling in South Australia that allows customers to grab any preowned game they want, and to swap it over as much as they like instore.

Whether they finish it in a day or decide they don’t like it, they can grab something new whenever they want. There’s no limit to how many times they can swap.

 Since the website went live, we’ve actually updated Swap ‘n’ Play to give customers access to the entire library of preowned games. As long as we have the game – they can play it.

We created Swap ‘n’ Play to add value for our regular customers, especially parents. Over school holidays it’s not unusual for families to be in and out our doors finding new games to play. Swap ‘n’ Play allows for a hassle-free and more affordable shop.

The service is for our EB World members and is entirely receipt-free. It’s just $19.95 a month and after 2 months customers can cancel at any time.

We’ve had positive feedback from the community overnight, however at this time we’re only running Swap ‘n’ Play in South Australia. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for further updates.”

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Original story: Press Start has received information that EB Games has launched what is essentially a game renting/subscription service called Swap ‘n’ Play. Currently, only South Australian residents can make use of the service but we don’t doubt that it will come to other states after what appears to be an initial testing phase.

For $19.95 a month, you can rent any pre-owned game under $50 and play it for as long as you want before taking it back into your store to swap it for something else. There is apparently no limited to how long you can keep a game for or how many times you can swap out your game for another.

Customers will need to sign up for a minimum of two months. All you need to do (if you’re in SA) is log in to your EB World account and purchase a Swap ‘n’ Play subscription.

We’ve included the full FAQ below:

Welcome to Swap ‘n’ Play. You are just a few steps away from enjoying the benefits of unlimited preowned video games! Excited? So are we.

At this stage, Swap ‘n’ Play is only available to SA residents. If that includes you, keep reading.

What is Swap ‘N’ Play?

Swap ‘N’ Play allows you to grab any preowned games under $50, you are probably thinking that Swap ‘N’ Play costs about the same – but we can do better than that.

For just $19.95 per month, you can enjoy over 500 preowned games for under $50, one at a time. Try out Swap ‘N’ Play for two months and if you don’t love it, you can cancel your subscription.

I’m super excited! How do I get started with Swap ‘N’ Play

It’s easy! All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to your EB World account and purchase a Swap ‘N’ Play subscription
  2. Head into any EB Games store in SA and select a preowned game under $50
  3. Swap ‘N’ Playas often as you’d like – there’s no limits.
  1. It looks as though the trend for purchasing pre-owned games may be on the decline … Which is EB Game’s revenue stream cash cow. There’s simply no other reason as to why they’d lower their inventory of pre-owned games other than rebranding them as rentals.

    1. EB’s ability to sell pre owned is on the decline because they are so over priced! New copies can be bought elsewhere at far cheaper prices. Who exactly pays more for a second hand game and why are they doing this? EB are in free fall mode with Amazon on the way. This and the Level V rollout are the beginning of the end for the most over priced and under whelming games store Australia has ever seen.

      1. You really haven’t got a clue at all. Beginning of the end? EB hasn’t been around for 20 years by accident

        1. EB are extremely over-priced. Hell, I remember paying $120 for GTA 4. The only time I shop there is when they’re having their sales. It’s not viable any other time. I know it’s a little paranoid, but the thought always crosses my mind as to whether or not their brand new games are even brand new or are simply second hand games. Management are usually up to something shady lol

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