AFL Evolution Just Got Another Much Needed Patch

Wicked Witch have delivered Patch 2B for AFL Evolution and it brings some much needed additions and glitch fixes.

The most important additions are updated player and team rankings, but there’s also a bunch of new options which will allow you to change the game speed as well as new difficulty sliders.

The full list of changes are below

-Updated player and team ratings
-Updated team lineups
-Replaced kits for 5 former BLK branded teams.
-Added gameplay and difficulty sliders for more than 30 gameplay interactions.
-Added options to adjust game speed.
-Can now use the shoulder buttons to jump to the next letter in the commentary and nickname lists.
-Fixed an issue with sorting player lists before attempting to edit a player.
-Made minimap tokens more distinctive.
-Fixed some players numbers being the wrong way around.
-Fixed an issue with duplicate player in custom teams causing a player’s last name to be their first name.
-Fixed leaderboards not loading statistics
-Various other fixes and improvements.

-Improved players ability to smother the ball, especially the player on the mark.
-Made it easier for human players to successfully get a handball off as a tackle is initiated.
-Made it harder for the AI to successfully handball while being tackled and more likely to draw penalties.
-Added a new player selection option called “on disposal” which switches the player when the ball is kicked or handballed. This is now the default player selection option.
-Improved kick aim assist logic.
-Improved players ability to catch high bouncing loose balls.
-Fixed extra players being able to enter the center square before the ball is bounced.
-Added new ball hold animation for when players are taking set shots.
-Clean disposals now end advantage.
-Increased chance of highly contested marks to be fumbled slightly.
-Fixed what is considered to be a ‘clanger’ in the tracked stats.
-Tweaked the deliberate out of bounds rule decisions.
-Greatly reduced the chance of a diving mark winning a contested mark.
-Fix for 3rd man up rule during boundary throw ins.
-Fixed case where 50m penalty could be applied to a ball that was just marked from the mark position rather than the initial free kick location.
-Fixed untouched ball going out of bounds after a kick out not always awarding a free kick.
-Adjusted the player switching logic when pressing cycle player.
-Fixed edge case where a player could fumble a mark attempt then have another player soccer kick it into his arms from short range and still be awarded the mark.

-Reduced likelihood of CHB leaving his direct opponent to attempt to tackle another player.
-AI is slightly better at ruck timing.
-Reduce chance of AI attempting speckies.
-Reworked AI kick passing logic. They are now better able to target a player on the run.
-AI is now able to play on from a behind kick out.
-Fixed AI targeting logic from behind kickouts, they will no longer just attempt to torpedo the ball as far as possible.
-Fix for AI that has been targeted for a kick changing direction whilst the animation is being played.

-Added a new camera type option ‘Play Direction’. Similar to ‘Dynamic’ camera but view will turn towards the attacking team’s goal.
-Added sliders for camera zoom, height, rotation speed, and movement speed.
-Added option to cut camera straight to the marking zone when the ball is kicked.
-Adjusted kick out camera to be higher with a wider field of view.

Career & Competition:
-Fixed team lineup screen not allowing interchanges in competition mode.
-Added ability to view and compare league-wide stats. Can be found by switching past the first or last team.
-Fixed simulating a match after being benched showing all scores in the first quarter.
-Removed the Behinds objective.
-Fixed season objective progress being able to exceed its maximum value
-Fixed save/load issue with season objectives.
-Fixed match schedule dates after the first season being calculated incorrectly.
-Can now view injuries and tribunal in competition mode
-Improved the team auto management for player and AI.

-Option to use real player attributes in private multiplayer matches rather than always using matching attributes for both teams.
-Fix for man on mark not staying in front of the free kicking player as intended.
-Fix for benched players animations being completely in synch.
-Fixed a rare issue where a kick could be triggered on only one machine causing the game to become desynced

-Reduced overall sound volume of game.
-Fixed audio cutting out after extended play sessions.
-Fixed issue with crowd sound effects ‘buzzing’
-Added and improved crowd sounds.
-Small and medium sized stadiums should now have a more realistic crowd sound for their size.
-Fixed umpire audio for forced play on due to short kicks not always playing.

-Will no longer refer to marks as ‘catches’
-Fixed elimination finals being referred to as qualifying finals
-Fixed ‘back in contention’ lines triggering for leading team.
-Fixed commentary and HUD display for interchanging players being the wrong way around.
-Fumbled speckies should now trigger commentary remarks.
-Fixed fumbled marks sometimes triggering spoil comments.
-Fixed an issue where commentary always thought a kicking player close to the goals was aiming for them.
-Fixed commentary about kicking to an open man being incorrect.
-Fixed incorrect comments about shots at goal being easy.
-Fixed incorrect comments about how badly a shot at goal was missed.
-Ball going out of bounds due to hitting the post should now be commented on.
-Fixed commentators saying that a team was in front incorrectly.
-Various other commentary fixes.