You Shouldn’t Update Your PS4 From 5.00 Beta To 4.74

Last night we posted about the fact that Sony had released PS4 update 4.74 despite the fact that quite a few users were already on beta version 5.00

Sony has now emailed all users on the 5.00 beta urging them to wait for 5.00 beta 6 rather than updating to 4.74

“PlayStation 4 system software update 4.74 has been released. When trying to start certain games, you may be prompted to update the system to 4.74 from the 5.00 Beta”

Updating from 5.00 Beta to 4.74 will result in the following restrictions:

  • You will not be able to revert back from 4.74 to the current 5.00 Beta. (You will be able to update to the upcoming 5.00 Beta 6.)
  • The order in which content is displayed on the home screen will be reset.
  • Download links on the home screen (such as for SHAREfactory or Media Player) that you deleted will be displayed again.
  • Some items in [Notifications] will be deleted.
  • Some items in [Discover] that you have already seen will be displayed again.
    Activities that were created and some settings you configured while using the 5.00
  • Beta will be stored on the PlayStation Network server. You may see notifications related to these activities and settings even after updating to 4.74.
  • Games that were downloaded while using the 5.00 Beta may not start properly after updating to 4.74. If this happens, delete the game, and then download it again

Please refrain from updating to 4.74 and wait for the upcoming 5.00 Beta 6 update if you would like to avoid these limitations.

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