How To Get FIFA 18 Three Days Early

FIFA 18 is out this week, but there’s a number of different versions coming out that make the decision (as well as when it actually releases) extremely confusing.

The official release date is on Friday, September 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360, but if you’re willing to pay a little bit extra, you can get the game three days early (at midnight) on Tuesday, the 26th of September).

There’s a number of reasons that it’s important get the jump on a FIFA game a few days early. You’re able to build your FIFA Ultimate Team a few days before everyone else gets to jump on the market place and really add some good strike power to your team without a huge amount of competition in the bidding space.

EA Access

For Xbox users, it’s a little bit easier. You can subscribe to EA Access and get FIFA 18 right now. You can play up to 10 hours and all of your progress will go across to the main game.

Ronaldo Edition

You can pickup the Ronaldo Edition both digitally or in-store. It’ll allow you to access the game from Midnight tonight (Tuesday, the 26th) and also give you access to a bunch of in-game items. This is clearly aimed at people who want to get a head start on FUT. it costs roughly $20 more than the standard edition of the game. You can grab it from JB Hi-Fi for $114

In addition to getting the game 3 days early, you’ll also get 20 jumbo premium gold pack (1 per week for 20 weeks), Cristiano Ronaldo on loan (for 5 FUT matches) and 8 special editions FUT kits.

ICON Edition

The FIFA 18 Icon Edition is $129.95 and is available digitally. It’ll also give you access to the game 3 days early (from midnight tonight). It’ll also include everything we’ve listed above and more.

In addition to getting the games three days early, you’ll get Cristiano Ronaldo on a 5 match FUT loan, Ronaldo Nazario on a 5 match FUT loan, 40 jumbo premium gold packs (2 per week for 20 weeks), 20 team of the week loans player packs and 8 special edition FUT kits.

We reviewed FIFA 18 and gave it a 9/10 citing that it was the best version of FIFA in a number of years due to advancements on last year’s iteration and an improved/expanded Journey mode. 

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