The PlayStation Network Is Down Due To Maintenance

The PlayStation Network is currently down for maintenance for a two hour period. Whilst it’s the middle of the day in Australia, I’ve got no doubt that some poor soul will be trying to put some hours into Destiny 2 and be wondering why they can’t log in.

Currently, the PlayStation Network Maintenance will last from 3pm on the 25th of September until 5pm on the 25th of September. Occasionally, it does got a little bit overtime but hopefully today isn’t one of those days with FIFA 18 launching later tonight.

It’s unclear what the maintenance will give us, but hopefully faster download speeds and more stable servers. Everybody loves some stability.

You can keep an eye son the PlayStation Network Status right HERE. 

  1. PS Store is undergoing maintenance according to the message generator. I’m unable to download apps. So inconvenient. I attempted to download apps 2 weeks again but to no avail. I received the same message then as I am receiving now.

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