Battlefront II Has A Lot More Content Than The First Game

The original Battlefront was an amazing game, but it lacked content especially in the base game. The game eventually got a wealth of content but it was locked behind the season pass which many people didn’t get.

Overnight, an epic 6 minute Battlefront II trailer dropped narrated by John Boyega himself. It goes through how much content (with a chart) showing how much content there is in Battlefront II in comparison to the first game.It goes through vehicles, locations and characters and all of them trump what was available in the original game.

It also gives us a taste of what we can expect in the single player, showing us how many vehicles, characters and location we can expect to undertake.According to the chart, there’s apparently 14 locations in the multiplayer and an additional 4 stages in the single player. There’s 14 heroes in comparison to 6 in the base game of Battlefront and an undisclosed amount of vehicles but more than four times as many in the original Battlefront.

Battlefront II releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next month.