Gamers Are Using Weird Techniques In Star Wars Battlefront II To Get Easy Credits

EA removed crystals from Star Wars: Battlefront II, but that doesn’t mean that some gamers can’t get credits (without playing) in other ways.

Two Reddit users have shown us some creative ways to ensure that your character is automatically moving in battle without getting kicked for inactivity.

Reddit user Lowberg has created some kind of robot out of wood and icy-pole sticks to automatically ensure that he’s moving at all times and buttons are being pressed. It looks ridiculously over the top, but I’m sure it works nonetheless.

On the other hand, Reddit user F0ngen has gone for a much simpler technique, opting to use two rubber bands to make sure that his player stays moving at all times.

You earn credits in Battlefront II regardless of the result. In my play throughs, I haven’t seen too many players running around aimlessly, but obviously some people are using this as credits play a big part in the game (as we all know).