Check Out This Aussie Overwatch Trash Talking Comedy Series

SODIUM SQUAD is a new comedy web series from Brisbane based production company Stranger Films, following a trash-tier team of Overwatch players. Led by Reynolds, their ambitious and scheming captain, the dysfunctional team try to skill up and climb the season rankings.

Joined by a basement-dwelling edgelord, an excitable Twitch streamer, a house-bound gym junkie and an anonymous fifth member that takes role playing a little too seriously, they try every outlandish strategy in the playbook to try to win – but their efforts are perpetually undermined by silly infighting, personality clashes, burnt pizza pockets and terrible internet

After the successful release of their pilot episode ‘Placements’ – they’re now crowdfunding for their first season. If it reaches its goal on Kickstarter they’ll begin production in early 2018.

I watched episode 1 here at the Press Start HQ and this is definitely a series we’ll be keeping our eyes on. In the last few days, it’s received great praise on YouTube and Reddit with 100’s of comments coming through from Overwatch fans and players supporting the series and wanting to see more!

If you’ve ever played a FPS and thought “I’ve got what it takes to go competitive” to then realise “My K/D’s 0.2…it’s still good” this is definitely worth the watch.

You can watch the pilot episode below, as well as checking out their Kickstarter and Facebook page.

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