Sony Is Surveying Users On A Possible PSN Name Change Feature

It’s been wanted and rumoured for years and years now, but it looks like we’re finally getting closer to PlayStation letting us change our PSN names.

In an email forwarded to PushSquare, Sony has said that they are “exploring the possibility of adding a feature to PSN that lets user change their ID”  noting that although they “can’t be sure whether this feature will will be added or not, players feedback will be heard”

The survey sent out even detailed how the process would work. Surprisingly, PlayStation will let users change their ID as many times as they’d like but only once every six months. On Xbox, users can change their name one before paying a fee.

Sony Interactive CEO Shawn Layden originally said in 2014 that he didn’t like the ID of people being able to change their online identities, but has since changed his tune. At the PlayStation Experience in December 2017, he said that we wouldn’t be asking this question in December of 2018.

If I were a betting man and Sony were actually looking at implementing this, I could honestly see the announcement coming at E3.