Playstation Network Name Changes Look To Be Finally Coming

The ability to change your PlayStation Network ID is literally the most requested feature for any game service in the last five years.

For most people, we created a PlayStation ID 10 or so years ago, when we were quite different people, not thinking that it’d be stuck with us for life, but PlayStation havs always stated that it’s very complex to allow people to change them.

Well, Shawn Layden (Boss of all things PlayStation), has told Greg Miller on the opening night of PlayStation Experience that people are still working on it (obviously), but he won’t be getting asked that question at the next PSX.

Speaking to Greg Miller, Layden said: “The elves back at the North Pole have been working on it. It’s a large piece of work and it’s more complex than we realised. Let’s put it this way. I hope we’ll see events occur that you won’t have to ask me the same question at the next PSX”.

Name changes have been available on Xbox for many years, with the first change being free whilst additional charges costing the gamer money. I’d expect PlayStation to almost definitely allow at least one change for free (or face a lot of uproar).