Target Is Sending Really Weird Responses To People That Ask About The Spyro Trilogy

We totally expected The Spyro Trilogy Remaster to be announced last week. It wasn’t to be, but that hasn’t stopped the hype train from rolling on.

Target in the States is replying to people with a very structured (and Spyro themed response) when people ask when the new Spyro game for PS4 will be available for pre-order.

“Hi – Currently, Spyro is travelling from a faraway land. Since this feisty, fire-breathing dragon can be distracted by fire-flies throughout his journey, we don’t have a specific date as to when Spyro will arrive in our stores. However, we encourage you to check back for availability”.

Another response reads:

“We understand your excitement for the Spyro Remastered game. Due to the magic spell that the Gnasty Gnorc put over the Dragon Kingdom, we do not have any further information. We would encourage you to check back regularly for updates online and in our stores”.

Someone who used to work at Target has commented that these one liners are very common for larger releases like this.