The Spider-Man Collector’s Edition Is Already Sold Out At EB Games and JB Hi-Fi

They said it’d be limited and limited it was.

The first allocation of the Spider-Man Collector’s Edition has sold out at both EB Games and JB Hi-Fi. Stores are now telling customers that they can no longer take pre-orders and the listing has disappeared off EB Games’ website. Currently it’s still on JB Hi-Fi’s website, but we’ve heard that this will be pulled very soon.

We’re hearing that there were less than 30 units at JB Hi-Fi in the entire country and it doesn’t appear that there were too many more at EB.

The Collector’s Edition was $249 and included a statue, steelbook, art book and a bunch of digital goodies.

We’ve reached out to both retailers to see if they’ll be getting more in stock.

  1. This is bullshit, how was I ever supposed to have a chance of pre-ordering if it there were that little of amount of collectors editions?

      1. I’m so sad… I wanna cry! all i can do is hope theirs more coming! if they sold so fast then why stop there?

        1. Me too man. I’m sure they’ll get more. We have 5 months till release. Let’s see what happens. I’m sure they’ll restock for sure. These are initial preorders after all

          1. Yes! I believe it’ll be fine, I need to learn some patience to ease my stress of this lol. 😛

          2. I was one of the few who actually preordered this to only receive a call the next week saying they sold out and they don’t have a copy for me. So much for preordering…. Eb said they arn’t getting anymore even though they have tried…

          3. It wont be. The gentle giant statue is a one time production thing. Insomniac confirmed once it sells, it is gone.

    1. maybe they wanted their collectors edition to actually be a collectors edition and not over produced junk like every otehr colelctors edition.

      1. Nothing here looks more better quality wise then what you would find with AC: Origins edition. Theres no justification for why us Australians got the short end of the stick…

        1. eb are struggling to sell the AC: Origins thing for $70 which is exactly the issue with over producing these things.

          1. I’ve seen one of them left over here but it’s severely damaged, so no, no ones gonna buy that for $70 lmao. In reply to such a weak argument, Spider-Man PS4 wouldn’t be having left overs, as its evident, they’re selling.

            If you go read the latest article, EB couldn’t fulfil a percentage of peoples orders and therefore they had to cancel them… my original point is that Australia got shit all of stock and this is disappointing for countless fans like myself.

            America has thousands of them, they’re even restocking them. You’ve twisted this to whether something can sell or not lol, which makes absolute no sense to my original comment.

          2. just because something sells its stock successfully does not mean it would continue to sell its stock successfully if said stock was increased by an arbitrary amount, you also have no clue how many were released in Australia compared to ROW so that argument is weak. I will leave you with this

            noun: collectible
            an item valued and sought by collectors.
            “the auction attracted professional dealers trading in quality small collectables”

          3. I can’t stop laughing, you’re deflecting the fact more stock = more sales for this type of game, I never said all games. Spider-Man PS4 is one of this year’s most hyped games, so I would be correct in saying that it selling more stock is inevitable.

            You seem to be ignorant in the collectors side of gaming, you’re going way off track in this discussions to avoid the very exact point of this debate.

            Now this could be, A) you’re narcissistic and can’t admit defeat or B) you’re trying everything to win a lost argument.

            The whole point of my comment was, Sony screwed up, people wanted this and Australia got jack all stock (WHICH I do know by this website, if you’re willing to do your research before talking dribble) therefore disappointing many fans which can be seen voiced on countless media platforms.

            You clearly don’t read, because if you did, this discussion would be on topic but seeing how you’re unwilling to discuss this to my point further, I’ll be leaving this petty chat.

            Have a nice day pal.

          4. mate, id take the time to research and debate your arguemnt if your argument had more base to it than “waaaaahhhhh i didnt get the thing i want and mummy and daddy didn’t prepare me for this inevitability in my life, it must be someone else’s fault so i should point the blame at the first thing i think of”. seriously grow up and move on you missed out end of story.

    2. I actually went to pre-order it this morning, got to the confirmation page and now it’s not showing up and the money is still sitting in my account, i’m genuinely upset by it

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