EB Games Is Cancelling Some Spider-Man Collector’s Edition Preorders

EB Games has informed some customers that they have had to cancel some Spider-Man Collector’s Editions due to overselling their allocation and not being able to secure any additional units. As we wrote on the day it went on sale, both EB Games and JB Hi-Fi took their preorders down quite quickly, with Australia getting limited allocations and the CE being incredibly popular.

It looks clear at this point that Australia probably won’t be getting a further allocation of Spider-Man Collector’s Editions which is sure to disappoint people come launch.

The Facebook response from EB Games reads:

I’m afraid, after in depth discussions with the vendor, we are able confirm that we are not able to obtain any further stock of the Collector’s Edition to fulfill every preorder.

The announcement of the edition blew away all expectations and we have now exhausted all potential avenues in the attempt to supply the preorders taken.

  1. How pathetic, don’t market something you can’t provide… It seems that the U.S keeps getting stock and yet somehow Australians get shafted.

    It’s not hard to make, so what’s their excuse? Sony or whoever is behind this just clearly don’t know what good customer experience is… What a disappointing reveal.

    1. well said Australia have no knowledge in marketing and customer experience also they dont understand the process of shopping all they care is about using the product

  2. Hmm, I guess Insomniac Games were correct in saying it will be very limited. This retailer must have opened the flood gates on the preorders with no limit set. I got mine preordered as soon as it was up ^_^

    1. The Suppliers didn’t tell the retailers the numbers they were getting until a bit later so they only had a rough number. For EB it was quite a bit higher then what they got. I reckon JB was the same. (They also got told they would have a chance for a 2nd order closer to launch).

      1. So retailers are now aware of exact allocation levels? Is that why Best Buy Canada just put theirs up?

    2. For sure, insomniac games community manager did re-confirm that it would be very limited and that we would only be getting 1 pre-order wave. Clearly Eb took more orders than what they should of taken.

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