Resident Evil 2’s $1200 Premium Edition Has A Very Nice Bluetooth Type Writer

This is the most insane (and potentially the nicest) Collector’s Edition I’ve ever seen.

In Japan at least, Capcom is releasing a Premium Edition of Resident Evil 2 Remake which includes a type writer (that’s actually a bluetooth keyboard) which looks as if it’s straight from the game. As if that wasn’t enough it also includes four pieces of masking tape (disguised as type ribbon).

It also includes a Leon S. Kennedy statue, a poster, an art book, a soundtrack, a copy of the game, and some DLC bonuses. The downside is that it’s 90,000 yen which translates to a hefty $1,200 AUD.

It almost definitely won’t make its way over here, but there are definitely ways you can order it from Japan if you’re that keen. You can find it HERE. 

If you’re just after the type writer, you can also grab that for a still hefty $900.