This New Aussie TV Ad Features A PlayStation Portable For Very Obvious Reasons

We see some pretty hilarious things when it comes to Australian media and video games. We all remember that NBN ad that featured a PlayStation 1 and the recent Channel 7 report that featured a GameCube controller and Fortnite. 

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I just came across Bond Australia’s new ad campaign featuring none other than Richmond’s Dustin Martin (who is trapped in some kind of video game).

But what caught my eye was the fact that the game was being played on the greatest handheld gaming device all time. No, not the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita or Gameboy, it was none other than the PlayStation Portable.

This is pretty astonishing considering the PSP came out in 2005, but nobody could deny its greatness, so it’s really no surprise to see it in modern ad campaigns.


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