Watch Claire Redfield In Action In This Freaky New Resident Evil 2 Footage

Though the video itself might have a lot of Japanese text on-screen, it’s still worth a look for fans that are keen for more of Resident Evil 2’s remake in action. As the original poster, Dusk Golem, notes on Resetera, this video is significant because it’s the first time we have gotten to see Claire Redfield doing her thing in this remake.

The segment shows off the heavily mutated William Birkin confrontation as Claire Redfield battles with the G-Virus infected scientist. It should be noted that the game looks incredible, from the animation to the persistent damage that appears on the character models, Capcom has definitely gone next-level with this remake.

Even Birkin himself looks super freaky compared to his original look.

The original William Birkin, circa 1998.

Resident Evil 2 returns January 25, 2019.