Spider-Man Continues The Marvel Tradition With Two Post-Credits Endings


This post will discuss endgame spoilers including the game’s ending and post-credits endings. Proceed only knowing that you’ve been warned or come back once you’ve finished the game for yourself.

Despite it not being tied at all to the Marvel Cinematic Universe aside from a suit or two, it’s rad that Spider-Man manages to keep the Marvel tradition of post-credit stingers alive.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man has not one but two secret endings. One is midway through the final crawl and the bigger one with far more implications comes after the final credit has rolled. Here’s a little rundown of what these endings could mean for future content or even a sequel if Insomniac go down that route.


During a Mary Jane led heist at Norman Osborn’s penthouse, she discovers a secret lab of his and in an attempt to hide from Sable guards releases a spider from its captivity. This is no ordinary spider, as you can imagine. One thing leads to another and this spider ends up back at F.E.A.S.T. where Miles Morales is helping the downtrodden.

One bite later and we’re left wondering what this means for Miles. Thanks to a wonderful mid-credits scene, we didn’t have to wait too long. The scene, which depicts Miles helping Peter move into his new apartment turns awkward when Pete thinks he’s being asked for the ‘birds and the bees’ talk from Miles who is talking about changes within his body.

Miles quickly shuts this down insisting he’ll just show Peter what he means. In a flash he springs up, hanging from the ceiling like only a spider can. With a wry grin, Peter does likewise as the two share a wild moment that is sure to send Spider-Man fanboys crazy with excitement. We’re hoping that this isn’t a throwaway bit of fanfare, but it’s hard to imagine Insomniac would do that given the time they invested in Miles Morales during the campaign.

Could Miles be playable in a sequel to Spider-Man? We think it’s likely. I could even see a passing of the torch moment in a potential sequel where Parker hands off the mantle to Morales. At the very least, I think we can expect them both to be playable if a sequel comes to pass.

Green With Grief

The second ending, which has greater implications on the franchise going forward, surrounds Mayor Norman Osborn as he enters the aforementioned lab hidden behind the family portrait in his penthouse. It was during Mary Jane’s brief stay there that we saw hints at his Green Goblin persona as there were grenade prototypes out in the open, but it’s here the transformation truly begins.

A storage tank begins to crack open and most might assume it’s going to reveal the Green Goblin armour, but what is actually inside is a bigger shock. Barely alive and clinging to life, Norman’s son Harry is hooked up to what looks like a symbiote among other things. This is a surprise as we’re led to believe Harry is ill and in Europe this whole time.

The fluid in the tank glows with an ominous green hue that lights up Norman’s shattered figure as he declares he won’t give up trying to find a cure for his son. So bank on the fact that we’ll see Norman fall from grace as grief takes hold of him, transforming the Mayor into the Green Goblin once and for all.

Insomniac has definitely left enough in Spider-Man up in the air to believe they’re planning on a sequel. Though the main quest ends with satisfying closure, right down to the reunion everyone hoped for, these post-credit stingers have more than indicated there’s more in the pipeline beyond the already announced DLC.

The thought of Miles becoming Spider-Man, Norman becoming Green Goblin and a lot of promises from b-roll villains during the game that they’d return to make Peter pay should be enough to keep the hairs on end for comic book fans.