Spider-Man Is The First Game Ever To Get Marvel’s Stamp Of Approval

Insomniac’s Spider-Man is the first game – ever – to have Marvel’s Flipbook graphic intro, a symbolic stamp of approval from the entertainment powerhouse.

As reported by Fandom, Insomniac’s Community Director, James Stevenson spoke at a pre-release event for the game, commenting:

“It’s the first time ever that a Marvel video game has been given permission to use that logo. When you see that Marvel flipbook, it’s like a seal of quality. That’s when you kind of get the chills and think, ‘this is a Marvel experience. This is a blockbuster experience.”

It is pretty awesome recognition for the development team, who revelled in showing Marvel the game at E3 this year. “The response we got from the Marvel guys was funny,” said Stevenson, “the main person in New York who looks after all the video stuff for Marvel said, ‘I don’t even like video games, but that was f*$#king awesome! I’m going to have to get a PS4 so I can play this.’”

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It was, however, the final layer of polish that warranted Marvel’s final seal of approval, and its incredibly high score in our review.

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