Rocket Pass Is Rocket League’s New Way To Earn Rewards

Rocket League is the game that just keeps on giving; and to keep things fresh, Psyonix have dropped an all-new way to earn in-game rewards.

Enter “Rocket Pass”, a new feature that allows you to unlock new and quirky customisation items for your cars simply by playing online! Every player starts at Tier 1, and the more you play, the higher you rise through the ranks and unlock more items. Just like standard Rocket League items, all of these unlocks are purely cosmetic and don’t affect your performance or give you an advantage over other players.

Taking around 100 hours to complete, Rocket Pass introduces a new and calculated way to unlock new items, moving away from the more randomized unlock system currently in the game. Additionally, purchasing ‘Rocket Pass Premium’ increases the level of rewards and unlocks available to players, costing the same as the 10-key pack (approximately AU$13.45). This gives players even more items to unlock, and rarer or more valuable unlocks such as car bodies, wheels and goal explosions.

Similar to the “Battle Pass” system in Fortnite, it seems that many games are monetizing themselves in the same way to provide players with a choice of cosmetic updates.

You can find more information on Rocket League’s official site.

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