Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Apparently Come On Two Discs Which Is Great For Aussies

Both a Japanese retailer and Gamestop America have released images of the Red Dead Redemption 2 cover art which hints at the fact that the game is on two discs. This would mark the first time that a day one release on PS4 comes on two discs around the world.

It’s great particularly for Australians as it means that we won’t have to download a huge amount of data. It’s presumed that both discs will hold game data and obviously, unlike the old days, you won’t need to swap discs mid gameplay.

It’s been revealed that the game size on Xbox One is 88.56gb whilst on PlayStation 4, it’s 89.2gb, so this explains Rockstar putting it on two discs. Whilst there are single blu-rays that could hold this capacity, they wouldn’t be readable by PS4 consoles.

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