How To Get The Fishing Rod In Red Dead Redemption 2

There are so many awesome things to do in Red Dead Redemption 2 but none are more relaxing than fishing.

It’s actually not until about 5 or so hours in that you get the fishing rod. You get it from a mission called ‘A Fisher Of Men’ that is presented to you by Abigail Roberts

Arthur is tasked with taking one of the camp mate’s son Jack fishing to keep him occupied for a few hours. After licking Jack onto your house, you’ll be magically presented with a fishing rod.

You’re then tasked with riding Jack to a nearby lake before the game teaches you how to fish (you also keep the fishing rod after the mission and are free to do so whenever you like).

There’s 30 fish to catch in the game as well as a legendary type of each fish species, which is marked on your mini map.


Fishing is actually pretty intuitive and similarly to everything else in the game, Rockstar has done a great job in running you through a tutorial as you do it mid-mission.

You have to equip the fishing rod from your weapon wheel which then opens up your bait wheel. You can use things like cheese or bread, with every piece of bait helping to catch a different fish species.

Once you’re baited up, you hold L2 to grip your fishing rod and then hold R2 to pull back to your rod and then release to cast your line out.

You then have to wait for a bite which you’ll feel through the vibration of your DualShock 4 and that’s where the fun begins.

You need to press R2 to hook the fish, and then use the left stick to steer it in the opposite direction to what it’s pulling in. When it tires, you’ll need to rotate the right stick in a clockwise direction to reel.

Once you’ve got it into shore, you can choose to keep it or throw it back, based on size. Either way, the fish will be added to your compendium.