I Fought A Grizzly Bear In Red Dead Redemption 2 And It Was Intense

Early on in Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll get chance to witness your first grizzly bear as part of a mission, but it’ll quickly run away before you get your chance to quickly fight it.

Well, my first random encounter with a grizzly was one of the most memorable moments that I’ve had in a game to date.

I was on my way to a mission and came across this ice lake (which was cool enough in itself). I then saw something peak up in the middle of the ice. Before I had the chance to realise what it was, it was running at me.

Obviously, I quickly got my gun out and initiated the dead eye functionality, but it was too quick for me and knocked me off my horse before I had the chance to properly shoot at it.

Left laying on the floor, I was unsure what would happen next before the grizzly bear leapt up onto me and started malling my face. With my health core deteriorating, I was presented with the opportunity to stab it in the throat (which I obviously took). I was then able to give it one last shot to the face, ending the battle.

What happened next though was just as incredible as my battle with the grizzly. I skinned it, which was every bit as gruesome as you’d expect. It took lifting the bear’s leg and cutting separate segments off before walking away with my prized trophy of its hide.

It’s these kinds of little things that I love about Red Dead Redemption 2. Sure, the missions are great, the story is gripping and the gunplay is epic, but it’s these little unexpected moments that make this game so god damn good.

I haven’t come across many more bears in the wild yet, but I hope to in my future adventures.