It’s Going To Cost You If You Want To Unlock Everything In Apex Legends

Like most free-to-play games, it’s no secret Apex Legends includes its own form of loot crate system. It’s hard to have a problem with such a stream of revenue when the developer is putting its work out there for the low price of nothing, but there might be some out there who’ll be irked at the fact you’re not going to be able to unlock everything without spending money on these Apex Packs.

Mackey McCandlish informed us that each character has approximately 130 cosmetic items that can drop from loot crates. Times that by eight and there’s a lot there.


“You can’t unlock everything without spending any money,” said McCandlish. “You level to 100 which will get you forty-five Apex Packs with three items per pack. You might get Wraith’s kunai. You might get a bunch of Legendary things.”

So that’s slightly problematic that a great chunk of the game’s content — granted, they’re just cosmetic items — is locked behind in-game loot crates and though the game will dole out a lot through rank-ups, you’re still bound to come up quite short.

While two characters, Mirage and Caustic, are also purchasable at launch, McCandlish noted that they would unlock through natural play and aren’t locked behind that paywall. On how long it would take, he said, “You’ll unlock one character after about fifteen hours, maybe less if you’re really good. You’ll unlock another character after that every twenty-five hours of play.”

McCandlish also confirmed to us that your level isn’t tied to the seasonal resets as the Battle Pass system will track progress throughout the seasons.