Respawn’s Stance On Titanfall 3 Is Unclear

It’s there a community that exists that is as vocal and passionate as any other, it’s the Titanfall community. With Apex Legends being released today, they’re bound to have some questions. Namely, what does this service game mean for the future of the series and, more specifically, what does it mean for Titanfall 3?

When we sat down with Mackey McCandlish, Respawn’s design director, he was particularly tight-lipped when it came to the rumoured sequel.


“Well we’re one team, and we made Apex Legends. It takes place in the Titanfall universe but it isn’t Titanfall 3,” McCandlish conceded. “So we wanted to build this as a live game that’s always fresh and keeps giving players a reason to come back. It’s competitive, it’s deep and we hope it finds an audience.”

He then paused before adding, “This team’s not actively developing Titanfall 3.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean there isn’t another division within Respawn currently working on production for the sequel everybody wants. In any case, Apex Legends being set within that universe at least implies Titanfall is still at the forefront of Respawn’s creative processes.