Apex Legends Was Leaked A Year Ago But Nobody Believed It

We were all pretty amazed with the fact that Apex Legends was able to be announced and released within hours of each other without leaking (although a few little leaks trickled out a long the way).

However, the game as well as its full map was leaked on Reddit nearly a full year before the game was revealed.

Redditor ‘Hiticonic’ posted a version of the map that doesn’t look too dissimilar to what we know it as now with the title ‘Minimap for Rumored Titanfall Battle Royale Game’, but hilariously, the post was met with people completely shutting it down as fake news.

The post only had 14 comments proving that it didn’t really take off. It’s quite crazy to think that this was a year ago, proving that the game has definitely been in development for quite some time. It’s also unclear where the leak originated.