Riverbond and Away: The Survival Series Were Also Featured At State Of Play

It wasn’t all Final Fantasy VII and MediEvil at Sony’s second State of Play yesterday, they also managed to lift the lid on a couple of curious and cute independent titles that are to be coming to the platform.

The first title, Riverbond, is a voxel-graphics four-player battle royale game and looks like one that’ll liven up a lot of games nights in future. Not only are the environments destructible, Riverbond features a number of cheeky cameos from the likes of Shovel Knight, the Kid from Bastion and Rez from Psychonauts. It looks like solid fun and harkens back to a simpler time for multiplayer gaming.

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Set in a distant future and clearly inspired by nature documentaries, Away: The Survival Series, places you in the cute little paws of a sugar glider who has to scrap and fight to survive not only the harsh planet threatened by natural disaster, but you might also survive the circle of life and find a way to escape predators that are searching for their next feed. It’s a beautiful, colourful game and though the message it’s trying to get across might be bleak, it’s a conversation being had worldwide and is necessary, to say the least.

Those who don’t care for politics in their gaming can always just focus on the pretty colours.