Need For Speed Heat Is This Year’s NFS Game, And It’s Already Got A Reveal Trailer

Following a countdown and a few faux pas, EA have formally revealed the next Need for Speed game and it’s called Need For Speed: Heat. Developers took to reddit to give further details on the game this morning.

The game takes place in a fictional locale called Palm City, where you’ll be able to compete in both legal and illegal races. Day and night will play a major role in the game world – with the trailer insisting that you’ll make bank during the day and risk it all at night as you seek to improve your rep in the underground street scene. The way the world interacts with you, as well as the risks and rewards, adjusts depending on what time of day you head out into the streets.

As you’d probably guess from the title, the police will play a big role in the game. This time, they’ve got an additional task force lead by a major villain, and while they’ll do things by the book during the day, at night they’ll be far more aggressive in their mission to take you down.

Keen car enthusiasts will note there’s a few major cars in the trailer – though the Volvo Polestar 1 is clearly the major headliner here, keen eyes will notice a sneaky Ferrari 488 GTB appearing in the trailer towards the end. We spotted a Mitsubishi Evo X, Lamborghini Countach and BMW i8 after a rewatch of the trailer too.

Players who hated the Speed Cards from Payback will be happy to know they’re now gone. Instead, you’ll earn customisations through in-game events and even be able to customise your player character. Customisation will be as important as ever, which is nice, given it’s a staple of the Need For Speed experience.

It’s said almost every time a new Need For Speed game is revealed but it really looks like Heat tries to mix the best bits of ProStreet, Most Wanted and the fan favourite Underground going by what’s in this trailer.

But you won’t have to wait long to give it a shot – Need For Speed Heat launches November 8th 2019. That’s right, this year!

We’ll have more for your straight from the GamesCom floor next week, so be sure to check back.