Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Lead Combat Designer Has Provided Some Great Combat Tips

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order came out late last week, and people are definitely struggling with the difficult combat.

There’s some great options when it comes to difficulty settings and the fact that the game is transparent around exactly what each difficulty setting does, but the game’s Lead Combat Designer, Jason de Heras has tweeted out some necessary combat trips and tricks, which will go a long way in helping get through the game.

You can find the Twitter thread here, but we’ve also polled it below:

  1.  Parry window is instant. You will parry the incoming attack if the parry window is active regardless of where Cal’s lightsaber is positioned.
  2. Better to parry early and continue to hold block – worst case, you block.
  3. Hold block to safely observe enemy attack patterns except RED attacks which must be evaded. You are safe from any direction when blocking.
  4. You can cancel into evade at any time when holding block.
  5. Don’t panic when block broken – you can evade out fairly fast
  6. If you block an attack, it’s still possible to parry another incoming attack – it requires tighter timing and depends how slow the enemy’s follow up attack is however.
  7. Use double tap evade to safely eject from most incoming attacks.
  8. The later you side step an enemy’s attack the more you can take advantage of invulnerable frames
  9. Parry window is HUGE on Story Mode +1s – so parry early and you will probably parry the enemy.
  10. Not all enemies will stagger when parried so watch out how they counter attack.
  11. Grandmaster parry window is 0.13s (30fps)
  12. Successful parries do not drain your block meter.
  13. Parrying slightly replenishes your force meter.
  14. You are invulnerable for a few moments during a successful parry.

So there you have it. A lot of these are quite simple, but really helpful, especially for some of the tricky boss battles, or harder difficulties.