The DualShock 5 Could Monitor Your Sweat And Heart Rate

Another day, another patent.

A PS5 patent (discovered by Respawn First) has appeared online suggesting that the DualShock 5 could use biofeedback technology to monitor the gamer’s heart rate and sweat levels in order to impact gaming. You can see the patent right HERE.

It’s unclear how this could be used, but I’d imagine that in a horror game for instance, things might get a little hairier when you’re sweating or your heart is racing. Similarly, maybe in racing or sports games, things might be a little harder to control when you’re under pressure.

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We already know that the DualShock 5 will have a microphone, slightly larger triggers, a USB C port and adaptive triggers. 

Last week, a patent for a new PlayStation VR controller was discovered which suggests that the controllers could have finger tracking (similar to the Valve Index headset).