Persona 5 Royal Out Now

The Persona 5 Royal Release Date Moved Forward To Today In Australia

The release date for Persona 5 Royal has moved forward to today in Australia. The game was originally supposed to release on March 31st, but EB Games is selling right now both in store and online.

It’s unclear why the release date was moved forward, and this doesn’t seem to have happened in other parts of the world where the release date was set for March 31st (except for Japan where the game released in October 2019).

The game is currently the best rated game of 2020 on Metacritic (which says a lot considering almost every AAA game to release this year has been incredibly well reviewed. Kieron gave it a 9/10 for us and said: The gist of it is though; this is more than just a few updates slapped on top of an existing game, it’s a complete rethinking of the major and minor components that made the original what it was. For Persona 5 megafans who are ready to play through the game again, Royal is a very compelling package that more than justifies the double dip, and for curious newcomers it’s an absolute no-brainer.

We’ve reached out to Five Star Games (the local distributor for the game) to find out the reason for the release date change, but haven’t head back as of yet.