PlayStation Store Code

PlayStation Australia Is Emailing Out 25% Off PlayStation Store Codes To Some Users

Check your emails because it appears that PlayStation is sending out PlayStation Store codes to users.

We’ve confirmed with multiple people tonight, who have each received a 25% off code for use in the PlayStation Store. This appears to have no minimum spend and can even be used on sale items, but it can’t be used for pre-orders or PlayStation Plus. You also need to use your code before May 23rd and it appears that codes are tied to your email address/account. This is similar to the $15 deal that the Epic Games Store appears to be running at the moment 

The email reads:

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We’ve missed you on the PS store. There have been loads of great new releases since you’ve been gone. Come check out these unmissable games we know you’ll love. Treat yourself with 25% off your basket. Get 25% off all of the items in your PlayStation Store basket. Just use your personal code at the checkout.

It appears that this is being sent to those who haven’t made a purchase on the PlayStation Store for a little while, but we’d love to hear if you received it in the comments.