Call Of Duty 2020

The First Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Gameplay Looks To Have Leaked

The first gameplay footage for Call Of Duty 2020 (which is rumoured to be called Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War) looks to have started leaking online this morning.

The footage was found by Charlie Intel and is said to be pre-alpha gameplay footage on a map called “Tank”. Obviously, the textures aren’t finalised and the colours are so prominent in the map due to play testing. It’s also said that the slide mechanic (that is so prominent in the Black Ops franchise) hasn’t been finalised in this gameplay footage.

Initial impressions seem to be that it definitely looks like a Black Ops game but running on the new and improved Modern Warfare engine from last year.

Typically, Call Of Duy games are revealed in May, so it’s unclear how long it’ll be until we see the reveal of Call of Duty 2020.

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