Fall Guys

Fall Guys Cheater Island Is Where Fall Guys Cheaters Were Sent To Play

The Fall Guys social media account is back in action today and they’re back with an absolute banger of a thread. The account has detailed project Cheater Island, which is basically a custom Fall Guys server in which cheaters were sent instead of being banned.

The thread begins here and is well worth a read, but basically it goes on to say that for quite a while, there weren’t enough cheaters trying to join a match, so they’d basically be falling forever, but there’s now been at least few suspected matches that were recorded (obviously this would be rare as cheaters aren’t likely to record themselves). As of this moment, Cheater Island is no-more, with cheaters now being banned from logging in.

Fall Guys is still my favourite thing to happen in 2020, and it’s the stories like this that make it such a fun game to follow. Kudos to the Fall Guys social media team, and for being the thing that so many people have needed in 2020.