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Your EB Games PS5 Pre-Order Hasn’t Been Delayed

Nobody panic!

EB Games threw another spanner in the next-gen pre-order saga today by emailing customers who had chosen delivery for their PS5 pre-order and telling them that payment would soon be taken for their remaining balance. Referenced in those same emails was a shipment date of 2021 for all PS5 pre-orders. This was referenced even if you had pre-ordered a launch console.

We’ve confirmed with EB Games that this was in fact an error, and your console will be delivered at the time stated when you ordered the console.

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They have also corrected this via email:

Due to a system error, you may have received an email stating that you were going to be charged the remaining balance of your PS5 pre-order as well as it stating that it was a 2021 shipment.

Please rest assured that your console will be available for launch on 12 November and your final payment will not be due until closer to this date.

EB Games PS5

Not long to go now. It’s a month until we can experience next-gen consoles.