PS5 Fan

The PS5 Fan Will Be Continued To Be Optimised Through Firmware Updates

The PS5 teardown brought us our first look at the PS5 fan a week or so ago, and more information has now been released in an interview that 4Gamer (via VGC Chronicle) conducted with Sony’s Yasuhiro Otori.

“Various games will be released in the future and data on the accelerated processing unit in each game will be collected. We have plans to optimise the fan control based on this data” said Otori.

The PS5 fan comes in at 120m in diameter and 45mm thick. We know that it has a temperature sensor and three more sensors on the main board in order to regulate speed.

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Obviously, one of the pain points for both PS4 and PS4 Pro was the noise from the fan, so it seems like the PS5 hopefully won’t suffer from those issues, given the size of the fan and the fact that Sony can continue to optimise it as times goes on.

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