PS5 Xbox Series S

Here’s The PS5 Next To The Xbox Series X/S And Other Consoles

We’re now in possession of all three next-gen consoles, which means that we have a decent grasp of how they all look and feel. I must admit, I can’t really say that any of them matched up with what I was expecting after months and months of looking at photos on the internet.

The Xbox Series X is obviously more different to any console design that we’ve ever had which its blocky rectangular design. Whilst I probably like it the most from the point of view that it’s all black, it probably is the most awkward to place in an entertainment unit due to its size.


The PS5 looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The console is more of an off-white, rather than a clinical white, which definitely means that it doesn’t look as harsh as I thought it would. It’s definitely on the larger side, but it’s still got that rectangular console shape that means it should still slot into most entertainment units.

The Xbox Series S on the other hand is just insanely small. We’ve had slim consoles, but this is on another level given the tech inside of it. Obviously, you’d take the size of it over any console, but there’s a balance between size, power and being able to cool effectively.

Here’s the PS5 next to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. They’re all fairly quirky in their own unique way.

..and the most important comparison of all.