PS5 Remote Play

A PS5 Remote Play App Has Started Appearing On PS4 Consoles

As of this morning, Sony is slyly sneaking a PS5 Remote Play app onto people’s PS4 consoles. Without any software update or download, the PS5 Remote Play app is appearing on the dash.

This app allows you to stream a PS5 console onto your PS4, which would be useful if you’ve got your PS5 in another room or your office.

PS4 Remote Play

The PS5 can also remote play to or from another PS4/PS5 console, so you can remote play the other way as well.

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PS5 Remote Play

One thing’s for sure. Looking at the two UIs compared, makes me realise how much more aesthetically pleasing the PS5 UI is. This will definitely be useful and hopefully it works well.

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