PS5 Update

Here’s How Big The Day One PS5 Update Is

It’s inevitable that a new console won’t have a day one update in 2020 and we can now tell you how big the day one PS5 update is.


It comes in at roughly 868mb which isn’t too bad. As we noted in our PS5 review, the download speeds seem to be a lot better (hopefully this is the case beyond launch), which should make downloading this a breeze.

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In terms of the process of update, it’s fairly similar to what it was on PS4, requiring a download, install then a restart in order to get back to playing your games.

The PS5 is less than 48 hours away from being in your house. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, and you’re playing in no time. You can find our PS5 launch hub right here with the latest tips, bargains and game reviews.

PS5 Update

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