PS5 Scalped

PS5 Consoles Are Being Scalped At Two To Three Times The RRP

Scalping video game/tech items is nothing new, but it’s very clear at this point that the fear of missing out on having a PS5 prior to Christmas is starting to hit hard.

Looking at eBay, PS5 consoles are being consistently sold at anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000. It’s definitely odd to see such a wide gap between completed listings, with it being a near even 50/50 split of consoles being sold for around $1,500 (double the RRP) and above $2,500 (more than three times the RRP).

There’s a full page of about 20-30 listings that are all between $10,000-$50,000 but you’d have to think that whilst there’s obviously some passionate gamers out there, these would be dummy bids from people that have no intention of paying (or at least I’d hope not).

PS5 Ebay

Right now, there’s somewhere between 400 and 600 listings for PS5 consoles on eBay (depending on whether you search PS5 or PlayStation 5). The vast majority of these all have bids, proving that the demand is very much there currently for PS5.

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The majority of unsuccessful listings seem to be from listings that are promising future stock from the second wave of shipments.

Looking on Gumtree, it was a similar store with consoles being listed from between $1,500 and $3,000. It’s impossible to tell if people are taking these up, but judging what we’ve seen on eBay, you’d have to think so.


Facebook Marketplace also nets similar results, with people trying to sell consoles for $1,500 and above, but the amount of listings are far lower, most likely due to the fact that anonymity is a little harder to come by on Facebook.

All-in-all, try not to give into people charging ridiculous amounts for consoles. Stock will be coming. Maybe not before Christmas, but definitely in the near future.