PS5 Hard Drive

My PS5 SSD Is Already Full Just From PS5 Launch Titles

I knew it was going to be tough to keep my PS5 drive from filling up when I discovered that you couldn’t store PS5 games on an external hard drive or take advantage of the internal slot, but I didn’t expect it to full up in less than a week.

I get that I’ve probably got a few more of the launch titles than the average person, but as of today, my PS5 SSD is full. This is without a single PS4 game on the internal hard drive. It’s worth mentioning that this is without having NBA 2K21 installed which is one of the largest PS5 games at over 100GB, so I very well could have filled it a lot earlier. I also didn’t have Bugsnax installed either (but that’s only a smaller game coming in at roughly 10GB).

Earlier today, I went to install Watch Dogs Legion (after the free upgrade finally appeared for me) and I had to choose to delete a game to fit it on. Definitely something that I was accustomed to doing on the PS4, and also something I deal with quite often on the Switch, but there’s at least ways to expand storage for those consoles if I want to fork out the money.

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PS5 hard Drive

Thankfully, download speeds on PS5 are a lot better, but I’m still somebody who likes to keep a dozen or so games on my hard drive at any given time. My time to game is limited these days, and I like to be able to jump into whatever I want to play, so to have no option to store PS5 games externally is still a bit of an annoying one.

Hopefully as time goes on, we can get game sizes to be a little smaller than the 100-150GB that we’ve seen a couple of games balloon out to, and Sony can unlock external and internal hard drive us for storing PS5 games off of the hard drive. For the moment, I’m going to have to persist with downloading games and making the tough choice on which to delete.

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