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A New PlayStation VR Headset/Controller Are Coming For PS5 And Here Are The New Features

Sony dropped a surprise blog post overnight detailing the next generation of VR on PlayStation.

It confirmed that a next-gen PlayStation VR system is coming to PlayStation 5 including leaps in performance and interactivity. The new headset will utilise a single cord to connect to PS5, which will provide an easier experience over the breakout box that we saw with the original unit.

Sony has said that he new VR system has an improved resolution, increased field of view for tracking and input as well, which should hopefully improve the VR experience.

Sony also spoke a little bit about the new VR controller which will incorporate features found in the DualSense controller and also provide great ergonomics. This will hopefully be a big improvement over the PlayStation Move controllers, which were designed for use with the PS3 rather than specifically for the VR experience.

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Lastly, Sony said that the new PlayStation VR unit wouldn’t launch in 2021, but said that development is well underway and that development studios are also creating new games and experiences for the headset.

It’ll be interesting to see when it’s revealed and when it’s released, as well as what the headset and controllers look like. From the way it’s described, the headset will likely only be compatible with the PS5 but that’s probably to be expected as Sony has said that it does believe in generations.

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