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Some Veteran Call Of Duty Developers Are Making A PlayStation Exclusive With A New Studio Called Deviation Games

A brand new studio called Deviation Games has been formed by veteran Call of Duty developers Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony.

They’re creating a brand new AAA IP and it’s exclusive to PlayStation. There’s said to be over 100 developers working on the game and the studio has Sony Interactive’s full support in creating the game.

Obviously, it’s too early to see anything, but the team has said that it’s all about the best idea winning, and that Sony has given them creative control over creating the best possible project.


Speaking about the game, the team said:

“I know what you’re thinking as you read this. What kind of game are we making? How long have we already been working on it? Is it story based? Multiplayer? Co-op? Or all of the above and more? When is it coming out? While I can confirm development is already underway, it’s really early for us to be going into specific details. We’re drawing on what we’ve learned over our collective decades making games, but we’re also out to make something fresh and brimming with innovation like you’ve never experienced before. We’re not afraid to say that our ambitions are super high: we’re setting out to make a huge, content-rich game with a focus on a lot of action and a lot of energy, but let’s leave it at that for now and hopefully it won’t be long before we can share more.”

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