Maccas 50th

The McDonalds Stream Week Has Been Postponed With New Prizing Confirmed

UPDATE: McDonalds Australia has confirmed that its stream week will no longer begin on Sunday. New dates have not been given but new prizing has been confirmed. You can find McDonalds Statement as per below:

Unfortunately, McDonald’s stream week has been postponed and won’t be going ahead this Sunday. We are unable to confirm a new date for the proposed event at this time. We will have some great prizing including Macca’s 50th Birthday Hoodies and 50 channel subscriptions for each streamer to give away. We will be in contact with the new timing as soon as we have it confirmed.”

Sony PlayStation has not authorised the use of its controller in promotional materials related to the proposed Stream Week event and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. McDonald’s stream week has been postponed and Sony PlayStation controllers will not be included in the giveaway.


ORIGINAL STORY: This is the collaboration that we didn’t know we needed.

To celebrate its 50th birthday, McDonalds Australia has created 50 of these limited edition PS5 controllers. To win one of them, you’ll need to tune into one of Maccas streams that are taking place next week at the below times:

  • Muselk on Sunday at 1pm playing Overwatch
  • Jacko G on Monday at 6pm playing Overwatch
  • X2Twins on Tuesday at 10pm playing Minecraft
  • Cripsy on Wednesday at 1pm playing FIFA21
  • Kiki on Thursday at 8pm playing Night in the Woods
  • Crayator on Friday at 4pm playing Mario Kart
  • Aiden AK on Saturday at 4pm playing World of Warcraft

I must say, as far as custom controllers go, this is actually one of the nicest (as a Maccas addict though, maybe I’m biased).