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Stellar Blade Has Now Sold Over 1 Million Copies And A Photo Mode Is Dropping Soon


SHIFT UP has revealed during a press conference in Yeouido, Seoul (thanks Gematsu), that it estimates its recent PS5 exclusive title, Stellar Blade, has sold over a million copies since it launched two months ago. As a comparison, Final Fantasy XVI (another third-party PS5 exclusive) has sold 3 million units since releasing a year ago, and the console’s biggest first-party exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, has cleared 11 million copies sold since October.

The studio also shared a proposed a future roadmap for the game during the conference, which shows that it’s currently working on an update for the game that will introduce a Photo Mode, and also hints at new skins and IP collaborations on the way, as well as DLC and a sequel – which SHIFT UP has spoken about in the past alongside a potential PC version.

During the conference, the studio confirmed that Photo Mode is due in August, the new skins will come after October and the first IP collaboration should arrive at the end of the year. Most recently, the game saw the addition of a new Boss Challenge mode along with some new unlockable outfits and gameplay improvements as a free update.

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In his review of Stellar Blade, Harry scored the game a huge 9/10 and said, “Stellar Blade recalls the classic era of character-action games in truly inspired fashion. It might struggle to deliver on its core narrative, and its platforming is often more frustrating than it isn’t, but neither of those things are enough to bring down a thoroughly enjoyable action experience. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, but manages to build on them in engaging fashion with a deliciously layered combat system and gorgeous presentation to boot.”