Dbrand Has New PS5 Faceplates And They’ve Challenged PlayStation To Try And Stop Them

Just days after removing its Darkplates PS5 faceplates from sale due to receiving a cease and desist letter from Sony, Dbrand is back with Darkplates 2.0 and have gone after Sony in a big way, with the launch of a webpage that not only runs through the features of the new faceplates, but also has sly digs at Sony at each turn.

The new Darkplates 2.0 come in Matte Black, Retro Grey and Classic White. The face plate now has holes for your PS5 fans, which Dbrand says will improve airflow (and also stop them from getting sued).


There’s also the option to add RGB light strips to the left and right of your console and you can also order a middle skin along with your new Darkplate 2.0. You’re looking at $59 USD ($79 AUD) for the face plate and then extra for both the light strip and middle strip. You can view the product right HERE.

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I don’t know if there’s enough of a difference here to stop the same thing happening again, but I’ll be interested to see how this plays out. Dbrand were quite confident the first time that Sony wouldn’t be able to sue them, but that clearly didn’t work out. They’d want to hope they’re twice as sure this time around, as the marketing for these (as nice as they are) is essentially begging Sony to come after them.