Returnal Is Getting A Photo Mode And Suspend Point Functionality Today

When gamers played Returnal earlier this year, there were probably two main criticisms. The first was that the game didn’t let you create a suspend point before exiting (annoying in the case of a power outage, restarting your PS5 or just wanting to play something else) and also the fact that the game didn’t have a photo mode. Both of these things are being rectified in a 2.0 update dropping today.

Housemarque took the PlayStation Blog to reveal information about both major updates.

The suspend point functionality won’t act like a save function, but will instead allow you to create one suspend point before exiting the game. Once you’ve resumed, this one time suspend point will be deleted, and you’ll be free to create another providing its not in a boss battle, cutscene or an intense encounter.

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The Returnal photo mode will let you pause the game to take total control of the camera and pick the perfect shot. You’ll be able to adjust things such as focal distance, aperture, saturation and contrast as well as pick your light source and select a number of different filters and effects.

Returnal is available exclusively on PS5. The cheapest price is currently $95 on Amazon or $77 for the US version.