Chow Down On These Sweet Indie Games From The Wholesome Snack Showcase

Wholesome Games is back with another collection of cute, cuddly and chill indie games to get excited about with the Wholesome Snack showcase. There are some fantastic-looking titles here, so we’ve highlighted every game shown off below!

A Garden Witch’s Life

A gardening sim with a twist – after losing your job, you move to a quaint town far from home and take up residence in a vacant witch’s house! You’ll grow crops and help the townsfolk while also learning spells and potions and uncovering the town’s magical secrets. Coming soon to PC.

Wishlist A Garden Witch’s Life on Steam


Aka stars an adorable red panda trying to find peace after fighting in war. A cosy open-world about remorse, empathy and healing with farming and crafting, Aka looks as heart-warming as it does heart-breaking. Coming 2022 to PC and Switch.

Wishlist Aka on Steam

A Short Hike

A Short Hike is making the trek to Xbox and PlayStation! The beloved, chill indie adventure about hiking the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park will be available today (November 16) for both platforms.

Trading Time

Trading Time is an open sandbox adventure where you’ll use your skills and sense of discovery to restore an island to its former glory and get back your stolen pot plant! Coming soon to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

Play the Trading Time Prologue now on Steam


A minimalist journey where you’ll float through rivers and discover a world full of wonders! NAIAD is the product of a solo developer and looks incredibly mesmerising and magical. It’s coming to PC in Q2 2022.

Wishlist NAIAD on Steam

Mail Time

A pint-sized platforming adventure about a little mushroom-headed mail scout cutie in a world full of diverse critter characters and gorgeous, stylised visuals. Coming soon to PC.

A Kickstarter campaign for Mail Time is launching early 2022!

The Spirit and the Mouse

Play as a mischievous mouse with a magical spirit partner and bring light back to the village of Sainte-et-Claire with the help of some spectral friends. Coming soon to PC.

Wishlist The Spirit and the Mouse on Steam

The Ranch of Rivershine

One for the horse lovers! Run your own ranch and care for a growing stable while exploring trails on horseback! Coming soon to PC.

Wishlist The Ranch of Rivershine on Steam

Mushi Come Home

Mushrooms seem to be a theme here! Help a little mushroom find their way home in a low-poly forest full of mysteries, new friends and even a capybara. Coming 2022 to PC.

Wishlist Mushi Come Home on Steam

River Tails: Stronger Together

Join an unlikely cat-and-fish duo in this eye-catching cooperative action adventure for two players. Currently slated for PC and Switch with a Kickstarter launching November 19.

Play the River Tails: Stronger Together alpha demo on

Paradise Marsh

A short, contemplative game about exploring a peaceful wetland. Beautiful pixelated visuals and a relaxing soundscape from Disasterpeace. Coming February 3, 2022 to PC.

Wishlist Paradise Marsh on Steam

Little Kitty Big City

You’re a little kitty, lost in the big city. An explorative adventure about finding your way home with very little urgency in a city sandbox filled with curious things to do and kitty cat hats to collect. Think Untitled Goose Game but with cats. Coming soon to PC.

Wishlist Little Kitty Big City on Steam

Watch the full showcase below: