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Unpacking Just Got A Release Date On PS5/PS4

No more excused not to play this Aussie gem

Humble Games and Brisbane’s own Witch Beam Games have announced the release date for the PS5 and PS4 port of last year’s patently excellent indie narrative puzzler, Unpacking.

Already available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC and Mac, Unpacking will make the move to current and last-gen PlayStation consoles next week on May 10.

Unpacking came in at #7 on our GOTY list for 2021, and scored a massive 10/10 in our review. We said:

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“Unpacking is proof that a pixel tells a thousand words. Through simple, zen gameplay and a startling attention to detail a story unfolds in this tiny, pixelated world in a way that just wouldn’t have been possible in another medium. That’s truly something special on its own – a wholly unique and original narrative experience – and the fact that it’s wrapped up in an incredibly cathartic and tangible puzzle game makes it all the more praiseworthy. Witch Beam has something incredible on their hands with this one.”